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Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses and Malware Contribute to Identity Theft

One of the most violated things you can encounter with your computer is a virus or malware. Not only can you passwords and your online accounts be compromised but also your personal documents, pictures, identity can be stolen.

Cyber Ministries Technology has the experience and expertise to address your malware and virus issues, get you back up and running, and return your peace of mind.

Signs you may have a virus or malware:

  • Your computer takes a long time to start
  • Your files and apps take a long time to load
  • You are suddenly getting an excessive number of pop-ups and ads, and some may even direct you to click to download an antivirus program
  • You get locked out of some (or all) of your files
  • Programs you never installed begin running on your computer
  • Your homepage suddenly changes
  • You are experience sudden, frequent computer crashes

Do you suspect you have become a victim of malware or a virus? Don’t panic. We are here to help. Cyber Ministries Technology has the expertise to address the problem.

Getting started

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